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Portfolio Companies

ad fontes media

Ad Fontes rates the news for reliability and bias to positively transform media and society.


Fresh Bellies elevates the snacking game by turning simple, powerhouse ingredients into bold and nourishing snacks that pack authentic flavor.


Gritly's platform leverages data to bridge the skills gap and get more people hired, faster. 


InterviewIA’s interview services and platform put the power of equitable and efficient interviewing at your fingertips.

Mind Co

MindCo Health is a Virtual Reality behavioral training platform, scaling 1:1 therapy through cost-effective mobile-VR programs and integrated with cross-border health coaching, helping employees and patients with personalized immediate quality care.


PetroFunders is a fintech-powered investment platform democratizing access to income from the energy sector.


SweetBio is a Latinx + woman-led biotech company transforming wound care with high-performing, affordable products to a severely underserved $50B market. 


WorkTorch is the only career discovery platform for the service economy workforce, with a strong focus on employee retention.

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