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​DEMI Strategy and Commitment

At DEMI, our diverse and inclusive network of entrepreneurs, businesses, and innovations, enables us to invest in and build a sustainable economy and to deliver above-market returns to our investors and partners.  Our team prides ourselves on the quality of our work and seeks to exceed expectations across all investments.  We believe that great organizations are built by employing and partnering with the best and brightest people.  Our approach is grounded in fostering individual creativity and a sense of ownership.  Most importantly, DEMI is dedicated to safeguarding the capital and trust of our clients and advancing their best interests.

We focus on the fundamentals of business and are particularly excited about companies and innovations that solve everyday problems affecting significant volumes of consumers and that reduce churn in their markets.  We focus our investments on the domestic emerging markets across four macro systemic categories:

Innovation, Data, and Analytics

Our focus here is to source and create opportunities with new approaches, improved existing approaches and sustainable resources using data at its center. 


Our focus here is to source and create opportunities centered around companies and investments in facilities and systems, telecommunications, utilities, housing and connectivity. 

Workforce Development and Technology

Our focus here is to source and create opportunities centered on smart labor recruitment and retention, analytics, and software development.

Health and Wellness

Our focus here is to source and create opportunities centered on proactive health innovations, health care, and health tech that create a reduction in costs and improve outcomes for large volumes of consumers.  This includes wound care, foods and interventions that reduce chronic disease,  and technologies that connect records and data to create holistic approaches.

We believe in the value proposition of the domestic emerging market. We believe in the power of diversity of thought and lived experience. We believe nondiscretionary investments should be used to build a more effective and equitable economy.

​We believe in the capability of underinvested-in founders of color

We believe clarity is kindness. We will be good stewards of our investor’s money. We believe in rolling up our sleeves on the fundamentals of business in partnership with our companies.

We believe returns are the focus of our impact

We will hold ourselves and others accountable to excellence. When we know, we will do. When we don’t know, we will ask. We demand integrity and expect transparency.

​We will be bold and think big

Our Values

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