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Our Investment Approach

We define investment as the interconnectedness of capital, leadership, and the fundamentals of business. We are active participants in the success of our portfolio companies. We leverage our extensive ecosystem to mitigate risk and engineer wins.

Our Mission

The mission of DEMI Fund is to create above-market returns by investing in the domestic emerging market.

A Value Capital Fund

DEMI Fund will invest in scalable, value-based, early and mid-stage companies. We believe the innovation of businesses being built by the domestic emerging market is the greatest opportunity for above-market returns. We have developed a strategy that leverages a venture capital structure combined with a high-touch, hands-on, and long-term partnership with operating companies. Unlike traditional ventures, we are committed to supporting cash flow and fundamental growth.

Early-Stage High Growth Companies

DEMI Fund will also potentially invest in transition/succession businesses. First, the fund will identify businesses looking to be acquired. Next, the fund will identify new owner/operators to take over those businesses. Finally, the fund will assist in the financing of the purchase of the company with the new owner/operator and provide a capital investment to assist in the company’s accelerated growth.

Transition/Legacy Businesses

DEMI Fund will build a robust network of mentors, advisors, and corporate partners. The fund will then actively assist in the brokering of relationships with the portfolio companies to assist in strategic customer partnerships as well as talent acquisition for senior management and board members.

Business Development & Support

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